What to do while changing your mailing address

Relocating to a new home comes with several responsibilities that ensure your comfort. One thing that needs to be done is changing your mailing address. You might be tempted to ignore it and focus on getting a friendly neighborhood but it can save you several communication inconveniences. It is advised that you do the following while changing your mailing address.

Choose a temporary or permanent change

This is one of the reasons why it’s hard to constantly change your mailing address. You will have to choose whether you want to permanently shift your mailing address or you deserve a temporary change. The Change Of Address (COA) will help you get your mails, periodicals and general mailing at the most convenient location. For instance, a permanent COA covers periodicals and first class mail. However, your catalogs and periodicals will not be forwarded.

On the other hand, a temporary COA helps you get periodicals and first-class mails forwarded to your varied locations within a period of 15 days and 6 months. There is a possibility is extending the same to a one year period. Moreover, there is a premium forwarding alternative that allows you to get all mails every Wednesday. This requires that you pay an enrolment fee followed by weekly reshipment fee.

Inform service provider

The postal service provider in your state should be made aware about your change of address. The following are the ways you can communicate to the post office about a shift in physical address.

Fill the change request over phone. However, you should have a credit card near you as you make the call. Communicate the change online. This needs a credit card and a valid email address.

Fill out the change of address order form. It is termed Form 3575. Go to https://www.us-mailing-change-of-address.com/change-of-address-3575.php if you need help.

Verify your address

The confusion that come with moving can make you ignore to verify your new address. Ask your new realtor or landlord then confirm the right spellings of your new home, street as well as apartment number. Verification should include getting a zip code in case you do not have one for faster mailing. This process will save your time and money because a simple error will force you to start over the address change process.

Cover family members

When you relocate with family members please remember to include their names on the change request. Any name that is left out will not be moved thus complicating communication. It is also great to indicate those that are remaining behind in case the names are shared among several members.

Mind the mail delivery timing

Mails are forwarded differently depending on their type. Priority and first-class mails get a 12 months free forwarding if you do not file the non-forwarding endorsement. From 13-18 moths, your mails are returned to senders with your new address labelled on them but after 18 moths the mail is returned without any label. Express mail also enjoys these return and forwarding benefits.

For newspapers and magazines, you will get a 60-day free forwarding. If you had a permanent COA, your periodicals will be returned to senders with your new address labelled on them but a temporary one will see them disposed after 60 days.

Hire someone to help you and simplify the change

There are times when you do not have enough time. Hire someone to do the changes for you physically or online. The online option should only be used after a thorough background check on the service providers because their blunders are among the reasons why it’s hard to constantly change your mailing address.

You can also simplify the process by alerting everyone who mails you some weeks before ypu move that you will change your address. If you have an idea of your new location, please communicate the same.