Disadvantages of a Senior Care Facility

The role of parents in our lives is very important. Despite the many problems they faced in bringing us up, they strived to meet all our needs without complaining. It is our duty therefore to reciprocate by giving them love, respect and care.

The best care a parent can receive is at home; the children understand their habits and can easily give the most appropriate care. In most of the senior care facilities there are many people with few attendants, thereby denying them the best care, May nurses are working for money and likely less motivated.

Family environment is the best, the atmosphere created by the family together motivating the parents to live happily, and feel good playing with the grandchildren and taking meals together as a family. Witnessing the successes of their children and the grandchildren maturity gives them a sense of fulfillment. In contrast living, a senior care facility deprives them time to meet their family, they feel isolated hence affecting their health.

Sending our parents to a senior care facility can bring about loneliness; leaving the place they have lived their entire lives can be devastating to them. Visits from their families are usually few and far between at most miami homes. What is considered to be far better would be miami home health care.

There are many negative views out there about nursing homes, stories of abuse neglect and other mistreatments for the people you love dearly.

Having lived their whole lives and made it to the golden age one deserves’ freedom and independence, a majority of the nursing homes are structured in ways restraining freedom. It is normally hard to do whatever they want at any given time. Facilities for the elderly have scheduled activities thereby curtailing their freedom to choose. Loss of independence brings about low self-esteem and a feeling that the life is over for them. They have no control over the type of food they take; freedom to cook for their friends and families is no longer available. Showering can only be done with the help of nurses and o schedule, even the laundry is done together with everyone else’s.

The company in the home may not be enjoyable and favorite pets may be allowed at the facility. No longer can they attend their church but only attend the church provided at the facility. In case of sickness, the doctor is provided by the home and not the personal doctor.

In some cases, a parent may become angry with the children for placing them in the home thereby straining relationships in the family.

Our parents deserve care and comfort, older people are similar to infants care and love should be given to them. Only in sincere cases like when children are I different countries it might be better for them to be in a senior care facility or in cases where when the parent want to stay in the care facility with occasional visits to spend time with their loved one’s instances where parents are not treated properly it is better to move to care facility instead of suffering a life of humiliation

Parents deserve to enjoy their final years in comfort, surrounded by people they love with independence.